Phishing is a type of fraud. It is becoming increasingly common throughout the Internet, including casinos online. When you play slots online, you should be aware of the risks. Learning what phishing is will help you to avoid unnecessary problems.

Phishing involves criminals sending email messages and/or creating websites that are designed to steal your personal information. These sites might look like an exact copy of the online casino site you are playing at. Always check the URL so that you know that you actually are visiting your online casino!

Phishing emails and sites are designed to look convincing – but don’t be fooled! It is important to remember that it is very unlikely that a company that is offering you slots online would ever ask you for your private details in an email. Please, never ever give out your account or login details to anyone via email.

Fighting against scam emails & phishing fraudsters

The casinos online take your security very seriously and work hard to ensure your private details are protected. To achieve this, they employ security screening, referred to as a firewall, similar to those systems utilised by financial institutions.

If you receive an email that you believe could be fraudulent please do not pass on personal information either by reply or via any site that you visit through links embedded in the mail.

The best response when you receive such a mail is either to delete or forward it, without clicking any links, to the online casino that is being scammed and let them investigate the origin.

Phishing emails are illegal, but, as long as you don’t open them and give away your data, your information is not compromised.

Fraudsters probably won’t use your name

Be wary of emails addressed to ‘Dear Valued Customer’ or emails that call you by the wrong name. If your online casino sends you an email, they will most likely use your name or screen name, and it’s unlikely that fraudsters will have this information.

Phishing websites – check the URL 

Fraudsters often use URLs that are close to the legitimate online casino website address, so, please, keep an eye on the subtle differences.

If you have received a link to a phishing online casino, please, report an email with this link that you suspect to be fraudulent to the Action Fraud Bureau, who have a special set up for reporting scam emails.

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