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We promise to bring you nothing but the best, newest, unique, and never seen before slot games and reviews that you didn't even know existed, or you needed! Hold on to your hat's ladies and gents; it's going to be one hell of an entertaining ride.

Sir Slot: The Idea That Started Everything

The idea for Sir Slot was straightforward. We took a look at the market, what was missing and what players needed. We then put some thought into how prosperous and established platforms like Wikipedia and IMDB work and how they make it easy for people to get whatever they are looking for by building a huge database of information.

As players, it didn’t take us long to realise that the gambling industry doesn’t have a similar working platform where we could easily access every great and new casino game ever made. So, we put our heads together and thought, why not? This is something we could do and began creating.

Sir Slot brings you not only your beloved slots and table games but also the newest games that you can't find elsewhere. What's more, there are a lot of new games that players are so eager to play, but keeping count of what’s released, when, and where to play it is no easy task. 

From here, we developed further, realising that merely granting players access to all these games wasn’t enough; we could do more, which is where the idea of having a unique bonus for every single game was born and sending personalised notifications to players when a game they're interested in is released.

Our platform provides access to every new game developed, a fair game review, and a free play option for each. After taking the game for a spin, you can log in to a casino to play it for real money with the best bonus for that game.

The advantage is clear: easily enjoy free games or a tailor-made bonus of your choice while staying up to date with the latest industry achievements.

The Vision, the Mission, the Goals

We envision ourselves as the go-to place for the best tailor-made online casino games and bonuses. The platform's ultimate goal is to ensure you will always find every kind of game already released or awaiting a release soon. It gets better as it is possible to mark them on the calendar and get a notification with instructions on when you can play them, making Sir Slot the new #1 slots platform.

Our game reviews are as fair and transparent as possible and deliver our truthful opinion with no bias whatsoever. After acquiring all the necessary information and playing the free version, you can form your point of view. We do not leave you here as we still help grant you access to exclusive bonuses tailor-made for every game such that your needs are satisfied before playing at a trusted online casino for real money.

The Core Values That Drive Us

Sir Slot is built by a young and ambitious team that comes together and works in harmony due to shared passion and values.

We believe our customers are the most important; hence everything revolves around you and your needs. It is thus a top priority for our users to have a good time while embracing responsible gambling practices.

There is always an optimal amount for everything in life, not too little and not too much; the same applies to gambling. We highly value users as our success depends on your wellbeing, hence we actively pursue and educate our readers regarding responsible gambling.

A transparent and fair approach drives everything we do, and we ensure full disclosure and clear information, this is what makes our reviews and platform so great: we work on putting everything out in the open right from the beginning. 

In light of our full disclosure policy, we feel that it is essential to explain that even though there are numerous casino games on our website with a free play mode where you can access everything without paying a fee, we are not a nonprofit website.

In some cases, where we recommend a casino or bonus, we earn a commission as an affiliate to some online casinos. This helps keep us in business, so you can easily access our exclusive bonuses and all our content for free. However, this doesn’t affect how we review sites.

Online Casino Guides For Better Bonuses

We also aim to help you select the right online casino for playing slots for real money. We offer information about casino bonuses on first deposits and try to negotiate exclusive free spins on your favourite games with all the best UK casinos online.

Playing slots online is all about fun however, winning on slots is just as important, so making good informed choices about what and where you play is key.

Welcome you to Sir Slot, where we are confident you will enjoy your time here! Ensure you take advantage of all our lucrative offers, start planning your year in game releases with our games calendar and play for free, but remember, always gamble responsibly!