These are detailed Terms and Conditions for the use of our Website It is important that you carefully read and understand all the Website's Terms and Conditions. This is the only binding legal agreement between you concerning the use of our Websites and Tournaments and us.


1.1 The Website is created with the main primary objective of providing all interested parties with trustworthy, reliable, and up-to-date information on casino promotions and bonuses (the incentives). For research and comparison purposes, this information is supplied to all players.

1.2 Note that the Website is in no way responsible for any provided incentives. Thus, it doesn't:

  • Guarantee information accuracy concerning any of our outlined incentives.
  • Offer any form of customer support or help regarding any arising queries related to the incentives.
  • Hold any copyrights to any third-party trademarks,  brands, photos, and images contained in the Website.

1.3 Take note that some of the mentioned merchants listed have a financial relationship with the Website. The Website is therefore eligible for compensation if a consumer decides to use links located throughout the site content and make sales for the said merchant.

1.4 We are at liberty to make any form of changes to the Terms and Conditions at any time. We highly stress and recommend that you regularly revisit and reread these Terms and Conditions as they govern all your activities on the Website.

General Terms

2.1 By using, you ascertain that the use of company trademarks and embedding of third-party games on the Website does not in any way lead to an endorsement or affiliation with this Website by the creators of the embedded games or trademark owners.

2.1.1 Using, you acknowledge that you live in a region/state or country where online gambling activities are legal and over 18 years of age.

 2.1.2 By using, you should always consider the risks that come with playing for real money while at the same time acknowledging that gambling is highly addictive.

2.1.3 By using, you acknowledge that you are fully aware of the addictive nature and risks associated with gambling by visiting the site

2.1.4 By using, you acknowledge that this Website neither hosts any of its games nor offers real money gambling services.

2.1.5 By using this Website, you acknowledge that is not in any way whatsoever approved or endorsed by any game or company featured on the site.

2.1.6 By using, you acknowledge that all embedded games on this site are neither hosted nor published by this Website. Instead, these games are hosted and published by external third-party sources which have no control over or affiliation with this Website.

2.1.7 By using, you acknowledge that activities like writing game reviews, writing gaming company reviews, or embedding third-party games on the site are not in any way intended to show that the Website is:

  • An extension or of the same quality as goods and services of the featured companies. 
  • Approved or endorsed by any games or any featured companies. 
  • Supplied by company affiliation with companies or their games or any of the featured companies.

2.1.8 By using, you acknowledge that this Website bears zero obligation or responsibility for the legality or accuracy of any content embedded or linked to external sites/games on this site. Please consult with external sites regarding answers arising from any queries related to their content.

2.1.9 By using, you acknowledge that the visible green 'Play for Real' button on the tablet, mobile, and desktop (if you shrink your browser) game pages will automatically redirect you to an external third party online casino where you are at liberty to play for real money if you so wish after a successful registration process- though we mainly ensure we match games with Casinos that offer the game maker hence you are not assured that the casino will automatically have your selected game. Before depositing in any casino, we highly recommend thoroughly going through the games content.

2.2 By using, you acknowledge that we can never be held liable for any content on the external websites; hence when accessing these separate websites by using the links on this website, you are governed by the terms of use applicable on those sites.

2.2.1 By using, you acknowledge that we do not encourage, recommend or condone real money gambling; instead, we encourage you to check the laws governing online gambling in your specific country before depositing real money online casino.

2.2.2 By using, you acknowledge that though we express our own opinions in the online casino reviews written on this site, we do receive some commission (from some, not all) casinos for directing traffic to their websites.

2.2.3 By using, you acknowledge that though this Website ensures that all website information is accurate and up to date, we are in no way responsible for any errors or inaccuracies. The user has to ensure they check any information on the site for accuracy.

Age Verification

3.1 You agree to the following actions once you decide to age-verify to access demo game content,

  • For identity verification, a mandatory search will be carried out with Experian. 
  • Experian is at liberty to check the supplied details against any public or private database Experian has access to for identity verification purposes.
  • Experian will retain a record of the search.

Sir Slot will at no time pass on your details to any third party in any circumstances.

Sir Slot Tournaments

4.1 You agree that you have read and understood our Tournament Terms and Conditions if you decide to participate in Sir Slot Tournaments. 


5.1 We are in no way responsible for any warranty regarding the reliability, accuracy, and quality of this Website or any information contained in it that is not limited to third-party offerings. We do not offer any assurances on the accuracy of any information contained in this Website that it will be free either from hackers, viruses, or errors.

5.2 By using, you fully agree to accept full responsibility therein.

Intellectual Property

6.1 All content and relevant infrastructure used to supply it remains exclusive Intellectual property of the site.

 6.2 You agree that you will not copy, display, reproduce, modify, distribute, publish, create derivative works from, transmit, sell or resell, license, or transfer any software, services, information, or products obtained from or through this site regardless of the format except when you have written permission to do so from us.

Risk Assumption, Indemnity and Limitation of Liability

7.1 You agree that you use this Website at your own risk; thus, you are responsible for ensuring that the information is accurate before accepting or using any third-party offering advertised on our website. By so doing, you take all risks.

7.2 In using the website, you are fully aware that the Website is in no way responsible for any resulting damages to your computer system, which is not limited to data loss from downloading software, files, or any other content. This also includes downloaded content from the Website and a related third party.

7.3 When using the website, you indemnify us against and from all damages, liabilities, losses, claims, demands, or costs incurred by the use of this or any other part of the information found herein.

7.4 Our obligations towards you do not entail personal obligations of the directors, suppliers, agents, officers, advisors, vendors, or owners of the Website.

7.5 We shall not be held liable for any injury, punitive or consequential loss, incidental, direct, indirect, or special damage of any kind resulting from the use of this Website (regardless of whether we have prior knowledge of the possibility of such loss) that may lead to scenarios including but not limited to any form of loss in data, revenue, business or profits.

7.6 Our liability resulting from this agreement, regardless of breach of statutory duty, tort or contract, or any other way whatsoever, shall only cater for direct damages and not exceed £25. In no circumstance shall we be held liable for any action or inaction of any form of the third party.

7.7 Provisions of this Section determine the allocation of risk between different parties. The Parties acknowledge and agree that the pricing and rates determined hereunder reflect the limitations of specified liability and allocation of risks herein.

Your Obligations as A User

8.1 As a user of the Website, you hereby acknowledge and warrant that:

8.2 You are above the legal gambling age (mostly over 18 years old), except for territories that approve 21 years as the legal gambling age.

8.3 You understand entirely that it is wholly your duty to ask and make sure you do not go against any laws applicable to you by taking part in third-party games embedded on/ linked to this Website.

8.4 You will completely utilise this Website for the sole purpose of personal participation is linked to / embedded on external hosted third-party games and never for any financial reason. Instead, playing these externally hosted third-party games will solely be for entertainment and recreational purposes.

8.5 Though this Website neither hosts any of its own games nor offers any real money online gambling services, it does not encourage use by players residing in jurisdictions where online gambling activities may conflict with any existing applicable law.

Acceptable Use

You must not:

9.1 Use this Website in any way that may result in impaired availability or accessibility, performance, or general damage to this Website;

9.2 Use this Website any harmful, fraudulent, illegal, or unlawful way or in connection to any harmful, fraudulent, illegal or unlawful activity or purpose;

9.3 Use this Website to host, store, transmit, publish, use, send, distribute or copy any material linked to or consisting of any malicious computer software, computer virus, rootkit, keystroke logger, worm, or Trojan horse.

9.4 Use the content on this Website for any financial purpose. The website content is formulated, produced, and available solely for recreation or entertainment. Anyone found copying or duplicating any content on this site on an unauthorised platform will immediately be contacted by our legal team and be compensated for their actions.

9.5 Publish, sell, adapt, license, copy, distribute. Publicly display or perform, modify, edit, create derivative works from or assign any content in our Website without our prior written consent. You must also not disassemble, decompile or reengineer any website material. You must also not alter, obscure, or remove any trademark, patent, copyright, or other proprietary rights notices related to Website material. 

9.6 Download, print off, copy or use any of our Website Material as this results in a breach of the Terms and Conditions hence an immediate cessation of rights to use the Website Material. You must, at our request, permanently delete, destroy or immediately destroy any copies of the website material you have made.


10.1 If you have any queries, concerns, or clarification on further information related to our Terms and Conditions, please refer to our contact page to contact us.

Complaints Procedure

11.1 Complaints can be raised from the date of occurrence of the incident to at least eight months.

11.2 The complaint procedure follows the following process:

  • Users can choose to forward a complaint via email.
  • We will acknowledge the complaint receipt within seven days.
  • Our marketing manager assesses all complaints.
  • A 'deadlock letter' is issued if a complaint is not resolved within eight weeks to signal the end of the customer's internal complaints process, which explains the final decision. 
  • This is the conclusion of our complaints and procedure.