Best Slot Machines By Payout Percentage July, 2024

Best RTP Slot Machines

Are you tired of scouring the net for high paying slots or playing slot machines with relatively low payouts? Then join the winning club and check out our top online slots with higher than average RTPs! 

We've developed a qualitative hit-list for gamers like you, looking for a better deal. With detailed information on the best payout games, you can sit back and enjoy playing your favourite game, knowing that there's a solid maths model at work. 

Take your pick from the Best RTP slots UK listed above or if you're ready to find out more, keep reading!

How do RTP percentages work?

So you play slots online and want to win as much as you possibly can? Then you must learn some terminology and basics about slots. Return to Player - RTP - is the first thing on the list. 

RTP also referred to as payout percentages, is a mathematical representation of the average rate at which a slot or table game payout to players, in the long run, compares to the total amount that players stake. Online slot machines have an average payout percentage of 95%. In layman terms, this means that if you stake £100, you expect to achieve a payout of £95 in the long run.

However, note that this doesn't imply that anyone who plays and stakes £100 is assured of receiving a £95 payout worth as the mathematical averages are derived from a high number of spins. Going by the law of averages and general probability, an individual player still has the chance to win a higher amount than what they stake or consequently lose over 5% in one session or over a long time.

In short, this means that the game provider or the online casino retains an average of 5% of the staked money: this is what is commonly referred to as the House Edge.

How are Slot Machine Payouts Calculated?

Total RTP for players = (total amount returned to players) divided by (total amount bet by players). The result after the calculation will always be in the form of a decimal. From here, you can easily convert it to a percentage. For instance, an RTP of 0.96 is 96%, with a 4% house edge on average.

Best Slot RTPs to Play

At Sir Slot, we love bringing you the best games for free. If you're looking for the best online slots on the market, start with our list above. The options are some of the highest paying games on the market by RTP. 

Best RTP Slots By Manufacturer

Different software providers make different types of games, not only in style but also payouts. Take a look at the table below; these are the average payouts for the most popular software providers.

ProviderAverage RTP
Play'n GO95.9%

  • Amaya slots are clearly among the worst slot machines by RTP to play, evidenced by their 92% average (we've covered reasons for this in our FAQs, skip down for more info). 
  • NetEnt stands out as the best by having the most player-friendly slot games with a 96.51% payout percentage.
  • Most of the featured companies have an average of 95% for slot payouts, an average online industry standard.
  • Online slots generally have a better payout percentage than land-based slot machines, which average 85%. Online casinos have a general average payout of 90%-95%, forming the online industry standard.
  • Find out more about the best RTP slot developers, NetEnt and Play'n GO.

    RTP Percentages: Slots vs Other Casino Games

    The table below show's different online casino games according to their average RTP%.

    Casino GameAverage RTP %
    Jacks or Better Video Poker99%+
    Let it Ride Poker97%
    Caribbean Stud Poker94%


    Keno undoubtedly starts with a lower RTP percentage of 73%. As such, it is advised that you avoid playing this game.


    Unlike Keno, Blackjack has among the highest average RTP of 99.50% across its numerous variations. The casino game may easily be most player-friendly if you employ a working strategy.

    It is still tough to get significant winnings while playing Blackjack, as it's a game of skill that requires practice and perfect strategy to play well. Because of this, new players should practice playing free blackjack games and use a strategy chart before wagering real money.

    As a side note, due to Blackjack's significantly low house edge, it is not in the wagering conditions in online casino bonuses or has a very low GCP rate towards wagering requirements, like 10% at some sites.

    Finding RTP Percentage of Slot Games

    You can find the RTP percentage in the paytable for most games. Many casinos online also provide information about Return to Player on their pages – to give you a perfect overview of the return percentage for all their slots.

    Please note that in some cases, the casinos may still be waiting for verified RTP figures for the new slot games. If your game does not currently have a Return to Player percentage available, please rest assured that the casino or the slot supplier are working hard on getting this figure for it as soon as possible. 

    Providing information on RTP is usually a requirement from the licensing authority, so it is in the casino's interest to act as quickly as possible to avoid problems and fines. Ready to find out more about the other stats that affect how a slot game pays out? Then check out our High Volatility Slots guide.

    Best RTP Slots UK FAQs

    Why Do Slots Have Different Payouts?

    There are no real restrictions on online slot games software providers on the first RTP they place on their games. Neither the UK Gambling Commission nor any other government regulatory body has definite legislation that imposes a statutory minimum on online slots games; hence the providers are at liberty to set their RTP however they want it.

    The paytable and symbols determine the levels of the game. This is why different games have different levels, implying different payouts. These are developed to ensure the slot machines are attractive and unique while giving the casino a house edge. Online slots with the highest payout percentages are the best slots from the players' perspective.

    Do Online Slots or Land-Based Have Better Payouts?

    When it comes to payouts, online-based slots are the best slot machine games with the highest payouts. The payout percentage decreases significantly in the case of land-based casinos.

    Land-based casinos have an average RTP of 75%, whereas their online counterparts have an average RTP of around 95%, which is considerably higher. State-imposed legislation links all slot machines in Las Vegas casinos to a 75% minimum.

    However, other regulatory bodies in different regions impose strict minimums on physical slots. In the US, for example, Mississippi has imposed an 80% minimum, with New Jersey having an 83% state minimum on all land-based slots.

    Here in the UK, however, things are a bit different. The regulatory body on all gambling activities, the UK Gambling Commission, hasn't imposed any statutory minimum for physical slots in its jurisdiction. However, the only requirement for the slots is that they must display their RTP percentages on the machines for players to see.

    Can Casinos Altar Payout Percentages?

    The whole issue of casinos changing their payout percentages is a contentious one. However, the general answer should be no. Here is why:

    While there is no statutory minimum RTP percentage in the UK for online slots, as such, software providers are at liberty to set their payout levels. Though they have this freedom, RTP is tested over millions of spins and games are certified to ensure they payout the advertised RTP.

    What’s more, licensed UK online casinos are subjected to regular tests by independent testing boards. The boards themselves undergo a thorough licensing process. They are mandated to test all games in the online casino, ensuring they deliver the same RTP percentage as they have displayed and ensure no bias in generating random combinations.

    You can be 100% assured of consistent and fair RTP percentages if you choose to play in registered and legitimate online gaming boards with renowned testing boards, including eCOGRA in the UK, Gaming Laboratories International in the USA, and Itech Labs in Australia.

    Why Are Amaya Slot Payouts Below Average?

    Amaya is way behind its competitors, with an average payout percentage of 92%. The big question is, why is the company so much behind its competitors?

    Based in Montreal, Amaya is a Canadian company that in 2014 purchased the parent company of Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars, which made it the most prominent publicly listed online gambling games company globally.
    This popularity and financial muscle factor may make Amaya lag behind its competitors in payout percentages, as there is little matching pressure.

    Additionally, Amaya recently purchased Chartwell and Aristocrat, both online slot providers. This could also drag Amaya’s averages down as the two companies are famous for their low return to player percentages.

    However, the main issue that makes Amaya lag behind its competitors is that the company plays a pivotal role in creating software for land-based slot machines. They hence drag the low land-based payout percentages to the online space.