Best RTP Slots

So you play slots online and want to win as much as you possibly can? Then you must learn some terminology and basics about slots. Return to Player - RTP - is the first thing on the list. RTP is a term used by most gambling sites to describe the percentage of all money paid into the game that is paid out in winnings over a period of time.

For example:

  • if the RTP for a game is 90%, and all players for that one game wager a total of 100, the total amount of winnings paid out will be, on average, 90;
  •  if the Return to Player for a slot machine game is 95% and you make bets for a total of 100, the total amount of our online casino winnings that the casino will pay out will on average be 95.
RTP shows how generous casino is
RTP shows how generous casino is. Will you get money for free like this homeless guy in a social experiment or is your casino not that generous with the payout on slots?

The online slot games should have a Return to Player-percentage higher than 95 per cent in order to be considered worth playing. This is in your own interest to keep track on this figure and avoid slots with low return.

It is important to remember the RTP is an average expected return across the game over a large number of game plays, and not a guaranteed return for each player. As a result, if a game displays a 90% RTP, you should not expect to win 90 pence for every £1 you spend.

Remember that the casinos offering slots online cannot guarantee wins on any of their games, as the outcome of any wagers is determined by their Random Number Generator (RNG) software, and therefore your gambling is based on your luck.

Calculating RTP

The casinos determine the RTP of their games using a mix of mathematical analysis and game simulations.  The results of this are used to establish the average return percentage that you see displayed on the games as the calculated RTP. The Return to Player-percentage is, though, in most of the cases provided by online slots suppliers. They do the job for the casinos online. All that the casinos need to do is copying and pasting the percentage.

Most of casino slot games online are also verified by an independent specialist in game testing. Good slots suppliers also make the results of their games available to the external auditors and regulators as part of their commitment to game fairness.

Finding RTP percentage of slot game

You can find the RTP percentage for most of the games in the information section within the slot game that you are playing. Many casinos online also provide the information about Return to Player on their pages – in order to give you a perfect overview of return percentage for all their slots.

Please note that in some cases the casinos may still be waiting for verified RTP figures for the new slot games.  If your game does not currently have a Return to Player percentage available, please rest assured that the casino or the slot supplier are working hard on getting this figure for it as soon as possible. Providing the information about RTP is normally a requirement from the licensing authority, so it is in the casino’s own interest to act as quickly as possible in order to avoid problems and fines.