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Couch Potato Slot Review (updated August, 2022)

Couch Potato is a classic three-reel slot with a single payline and huge max payouts of up to £75,000. Fans of the classic and one-armed bandits will enjoy this title which delivers very big while doing very little.

Pros and Cons

+ Classic 3-reel slot with one betline
+ Huge max wins for low stakes
+ Sky-high RTP of 97%

- Very simple slot
- Won’t suit video slot fans
- Low-quality graphics

Game Overview

Couch Potato is a slang term for someone who doesn’t want to get off the couch, and it’s a tongue in cheek theme and name for this classic slot machine from Microgaming. The games glittering visuals overshadow the lazy overtone, and this online title delivers the traditional slot graphics on all fronts, with the paytable front and centre next to the reels. 

Couch Potato slot machine has just a single pay line making it a very straightforward slot. It allows betting of up to three coins - set your bet using the dashboard buttons below the reels. The game is very versatile despite the few paylines. 

Wild symbols sub as usual, and for each wild used in a betline, you’ll get a 5x multiplier, which leads to the huge max wins and Couch Potato jackpot of £75,00 if you win three wilds in a row.

The theme's design is simple and popular with many players but has several amusing touches. The symbols include the various number seven versions and cherries - basically everything you’d expect from a game going down the classic three-reel route. The Couch Potato slot RTP is sky-high at 97%.

Why play Couch Potato?

  • Enjoy the simple mechanics of a classic slot.
  • Win substantial money bets and target the big jackpot.
  • Use your smartphone to enjoy the simple mobile version. 

Couch Potato Top Features

  • Wild Symbols Pay 5×: Each wild symbol leads to a winning combination, increasing the win five-fold.
  • Boosted Jackpot: Betting three coins boosts the Couch Potato jackpot payout.
  • High payouts: The average return to player payout is 97.43%

Suitable for Beginner Players

Most online slots' newer releases overwhelm players with their graphics and features. However, it is a different case with the Couch Potato. The game has only three reels and a single line. The symbols must show up on the reels' centre to be on the pay line. The buttons displayed under the rollers allow the players to set the size of the bet. 

One spin can use up to three coins that range from £025 - £5. After setting the bet size, start one round by pressing the spin button for the reels to spin. The revealing of the random symbols happens when the spinning stops. The dashboard's expert view consists of auto-play options that allow players to set five or ten successive spins.

Experience A Classic Slot Machine

The Couch Potato resembles a simple three-reel game in many ways. The game utilises three BAR icons and seven different symbol versions. The TV special symbol with the Couch Potato logo is the only one representing the theme. 

The special symbol is also the wild and the game's most valuable symbol. Its returns are excellent, and the coins wagered multiplied by the table determine the payments for the combinations. The sound design comes from the real slots and echoes an authentic casino hall atmosphere.

Exciting Action From The Wild Feature

The main feature highlighting the Couch Potato slot machine is the wild symbol due to its ability to substitute any required symbol in forming a winning combination. 

If two wild symbols appear on the line alongside another symbol, each wild increases the win five times, leading to massive wins. However, where only one wild symbol appears on the line, it cannot substitute for a cherry.

The game has only the wild symbols; hence they do not frequently stop on the screen, particularly on the active line. Nonetheless, it is exciting to see this feature on a classic slot machine; hence the players regard it highly.

Hit the Jackpot Betting Three Coins

You’ll hit the jackpot payout with this machine if three wild symbols appear on the pay line. Betting more coins boosts the payout rate of the jackpot combination only. Other payouts do not change. Betting with two or three coins increases the jackpot payout by more than double or triple, respectively. Using three coins boosts the rate more than a single coin, making it substantially high. Hence it’s better to bet all three coins when spinning these reels.

Hitting the jackpot guarantees a higher return to player rate, which encourages players to bet on maximum coins. You can earn £75,000 worth of jackpot by betting with three £5 coins costing £15 for a spin.

Play Couch Potato Mobile Version; It's Better

The full paytable and the spinning reels show on the desktop's slot machine version. On the other hand, only the symbols on the rollers appear on the mobile version giving it a more sleek and cleaner look. The modified buttons occupy less space allowing the players to spin the reels easily with a single tap.

Enjoy Playing Couch Potato Slot Game Any Time

This three-reel, high payout slot machine is fun to play at any time, and it provides good old fashioned slot fun. The classics are still a hit for a reason, and the awesomeness this single betline slot delivers is outstanding. We love the max bet jackpot feature, which is borrowed from video poker games. 

Check out Couch Potato Slot demo play for free at the top of this page, or if you’re ready to stake real money, select from the list of top-rated online casinos and register for your new player bonus.

Couch Potato FAQ

How can I win Couch Potato Slot jackpot?

To hit the jackpot, you should bet max and get three wild symbols on the game's single betline.

When was Couch Potato released?

Microgaming first released this game in 2015, and it is part of the studio’s classic slots collection.

What other traditional slots are good to play?

If you enjoy this game, there are plenty of classic slots that feature fewer reels, paylines and cracking paytables. Take a look at Jackpot Jester 50,000, Fire Joke and Mega Joker slot games.