The world has shifted from traditional casinos to online casinos. Online slots are entertaining, easy to play, and one-armed bandit slots are among the popular games that players enjoy.

One-armed Bandits forms part of casino gaming folklore. Before the gambling industry embraced advanced technology, casino slots at brick and mortar casinos relied on players tugging the lever to move the reels mechanically. 

While the old technology is gone, online casinos across the globe still feature traditional slots with an arm. The technical need to have an arm faded when electronics were introduced to slot machines in the 80s. 

Many still consider one-armed bandit games the best in the industry, thus promoting software providers to release new slots every year in this category of traditional online slot games. There’s just something so charming about the idea of pulling the lever and watching slot symbols fall into place. 

What Are One-Armed Bandit Games?

Newbies to the world of online gambling may be unfamiliar with one-armed bandit games. The popular games are similar to slot machines found in online gambling platforms. They are essentially the first type of slot machine. However, traditionally, players operated one-armed bandit slot machines by pulling a single lever positioned to the side of the device in real casinos. 

Since then, slots have undergone a series of innovations, such as pressing buttons on a panel at the front of the machine, and then going online, where players now operate spins at the click of a button using online software. 

While the arms that set the reels in motion have been left in brick-and-mortar casinos, casino developers have continued to use them for visual and gaming purposes. Most of the games may not be old as one-armed bandits, but they are crafted to erupt memories of past games and are more often called classic slots; ever heard of Net Entertainment’s Gold Rush? It is one of the best counterparts of the one-armed bandit that every gambler should put on their bucket list.

Best One-Armed Bandit Slots to Play

Speaking of slot bucket lists, here’s our toplist for one-armed bandit slots. These are the titles that’ll take you right back to the casino hall, with all the ambience and the hustle and bustle.

  1. Magic Love
  2. Jackpot 6000
  3. Gold Rush
  4. Lucky 8 Line
  5. Safari Madness
  6. Retro Reels

Where Can You Play One-Armed Bandit Games?

You’ve got two options for playing this type of casino game:

  1. Hit up our free-play games and enjoy one-armed bandits for free (you can’t win money this way, we only offer demo play versions of games at Sir Slot).
  2. Joining an online casino and playing for real money.

Which Online Casinos Offer Free One-Armed Bandits?

One-armed Bandits are classic slots found in most online casinos as they’re regarded as a favourite among players. Online casinos have kept the tradition of the legendary slots and lured more players by allowing them to play for free.

Established casinos, including all those that we recommend, have this type of game, and all are licensed by established regulatory bodies. Regulatory bodies scrutinise a gambling platform to ensure a casino is safe, secure, and fair to all gamblers. 

For instance, you can check out the slots at Energy Casino. This site has an appealing design, and you’ll find slots categories of all kinds to try. Energy Casino gives experienced gamblers a chance to play without putting their money at risk by using lucrative bonuses, and gamblers kick off their casino experience with a bonus code without engaging their bankroll.

You’ve also got the option of picking a Crypto Casino. Crypto casinos are safe and have huge bonuses compared to other sites. 

Bitstarz Casino accepts crypto as a mode of payment. It is an excellent example of casinos that offer a variety of slots. The customer support at Bitstarz Casino is top-notch. Bitstarz Casino customer support comes in when players experience technical glitches or missing spins. Still, hopefully, you won’t need it as this casino provides awesome player guides, like the one-armed bandit slots page!