Are you playing at casino online and get your withdrawal failed? There are a few reasons that they can fail. Your funds are then automatically returned to your casino player account balance for you to try to withdraw again. We are not talking about pulling out here.

The article below is solely about online casinos and gambling withdrawal issues, not about sex! For that purpose we recommend you using a condom. When it comes to casinos online, the safest method is withdrawing money to your bank!

Card withdrawal failed

So you have tried to withdraw to your card and your credit card withdrawal has failed. This may occur if the card provider or your bank cannot accept funds being sent back to that card.  This happens with some Mastercard and Visa credit cards.

This is not something that the online casino can control, but in these cases you can select to withdraw to a Bank Account Number and Sort Code instead. This might solve this problem for you as this is the easiest method to fix this.

Withdrawal Failed to a Bank Account Number

Your withdrawal to Bank Account may have failed because of one of the following reasons:

  1. The bank details have not been entered correctly and have not registered as valid bank details. The casino system will recognise this and fail the withdrawal immediately so you can enter the correct details instead
  2. There is an ID request and that's why you get it failed.  Your online casino may ask to see documentation to verify your bank details and the withdrawal will be held initially. However, if online casino does not receive the requested ID, the transaction may eventually fail and the funds will be returned to your casino account balance.
  3. You are withdrawing to a Bank Account and Sort Code that are not in your name. This means not in the name that you have registered your casino account with. Though some online casinos often permit this through the verification of third-party details, they would fail withdrawals to any third party bank details that have not been authorised by the online casino Finance Team.

You should receive an email once the funds have been returned to your playing balance, at which point they can be withdrawn to the correct details, providing there are no other reasons preventing you from withdrawing

PayPal withdrawal failed

PayPal withdrawal failed money

There are four reasons that PayPal withdrawal has failed:

1. The primary email address on the PayPal account you use needs to be the one you entered in the Deposit section when you used the PayPal account to deposit by PayPal with your online casino.

2. The PayPal account needs to be an UK account if you are from UK. The same goes for any other country in the world. You have to be registered at your online casino using the same country as your registered PayPal account.

3. To create a link between PayPal and ourselves, in order to send funds out, there needs to have been at least one successful deposit from that PayPal account, to your playing account at the particular online casino from which you are trying to withdraw the winnings.

4. There at may be an unresolved PayPal issues or temporary block. PayPal will need account holders to verify their PayPal account after a certain threshold of payment amounts have been reached. They can also block funds temporarily for a number of reasons. If your withdrawals are failing after previously going to PayPal successfully we recommend contacting PayPal to look into this.

Neteller withdrawal failed

Neteller works similarly to PayPal, so please check the list above if your withdrawal failed. If you have withdrawn by Neteller previously, then we would recommend contacting Neteller to see if they have any further advice.

They are normally quick with an answer and you should be able to fix your Neteller withdrawal failed problems in no time so that you can get the winnings into your account in some hours or days.

If you don't receive your money from Neteller, you have two options:

  • Trying to make a withdrawal using another payment method that is being offered by your casino online;
  • Continue playing slots and probably you will win even more.