William Hill is a UK-established online casino that’s been in the game since 1934. The United Kingdom Gambling Commission licenses it. One of the significant pull factors at this site is that they run free tournaments where winners can bag up to 100 free spins, bonuses, or other goodies every day. 

Keep reading to discover how to play and win William Hill Tournaments.

How to Join William Hill Slot Competitions

You’ll find plenty of top tournaments available at William Hill Casino. Tournaments are currently hot in terms of bonuses for regular players, with many sites offering different kinds of slot competitions. However, the competitions at William Hill are famous as they awaken the adrenaline in players as they compete against each other. Plus, a high level of competence is not needed to participate as online slots are simple to play.

Here’s how to join a William Hill Daily Tournament:

1. Log in to Your William Hill Games account

Firstly go to WH and register, then head to the games section and locate the tournaments menu. Upon clicking the tournaments, leaderboard standings, and details of the past competitions are displayed.

2. Click on the Opt-In button and Join the Tournament

Look at that day’s competition and the rules, and decide if you want to join. If you do, opt-in, then await the start time. During the match, players have to win more points to progress and potentially win big. The leaderboard displays points from first to last. You're in for a prize if you make it to the top positions.

How to Score Points

Every online slot competition has a leaderboard that displays the points and positions of each player. The players who score the most win. 

To score points, you’ll need to spin as much as possible within the time limit of the competition, usually scoring the most bet multipliers (in tournaments, bet multipliers, not the line payout is used to tally up points, this puts players on an equal footing, as the bet amount doesn’t factor into things).

However, rules change depending on the competition you join. The specific rules for each tournament and how to score points are detailed in the competition’s terms and conditions, so be sure to read them before you opt-in.

The Best Strategy to Win Tournaments

There are various ways of winning online slot tournaments at William Hill Games, and joining many games is one of them. Players can wager on as many matches as they can as tournaments at William Hill are free to enter. Participants can spin fast in one game and join another even quicker. 

Whatever your winning strategy, the top tip for winning tournaments is to know the rules and always spin the maximum number of times within the limit to accrue the most points - have your spinning finger ready and turn up the heat with WH games!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is required to enter the William Hill Slots Tournament?

Tournaments offered at William Hill Games are free to join. However, newbies are required to sign up with the platform and register. The registration process takes a few seconds, and members can opt-in after completing the verification process.

What prizes can players win in William Hill free slots tournaments?

inners are awarded bonuses, cash, and free spins with no wagering requirements. William Hill creates awareness by listing the prizes for competition on the promotions page.

How does a player win the William Hill slots tournament?

The player that gets the most points during the match is announced as the winner. The more points a player receives, the higher chance of winning.

What games are available in the tournament?

Players should expect more games in the future. Meanwhile, only NetEnt and IGT software providers have confirmed their availability.