When you sign up or modify your email address on casinos online, you will be prompted to click a button, which sends an email to your registered email address - verify email.  Often, casinos have a pop-up screen that appears whenever you login as a reminder that you need to verify your email address. Verify email before starting playing slots online!

Verify email online casino

Access your email to find the verification email from your casino. Click the link to verify email. Then you have to log back in to the casino site in a new window that will pop-up. Once you are back in again, you have verified your email.

No verification email received

If you have not received your verification email, please check that you have provided your online casino with the correct email address when registering. This can be checked on the casino website. If your email is showing incorrectly, please Edit to change the details, if possible, and then click the Resend Email button, if applicable. Otherwise you should contact Customer Support. They can help you to verify email quickly.

Add casino to Safe Sender list

The verification emails can sometimes be marked as spam. Please open the Junk folder on your email account if you don't receive any verification email. Make sure that your online casino is on Safe Sender list or in your Address Book. Safe Sender list prevents the emails from reaching Junk Folder. The same happens in case you add the casino to the Address Book.

Why do I need to verify email?

Casinos need you to verify email address so they know that you can access the email account you have registered your casino account with. This is also a confirmation that the email address really belongs to you. This makes it difficult for someone to use your email in your name and create an online casino account without your consent.

It also ensures that the casino can contact you regarding your casino player account, should they need to. They will use your email in order to send you important information, such as sign in or security related information, as well as updates concerning your withdrawal requests.

Remember, also, that normally you must verify your email address in order to be able to request a withdrawal.

The casinos also often send out promotions and bonuses by email so it is important to make sure that you have the right one registered to avoid missing out!