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Reel King Megaways Review (updated August, 2022)

Are you ready to spin the Reel King Megaways? Then welcome to Sir Slot, the home of free gaming and great reviews. On this page, you’ll discover how to spin and win this title and the top Reel King Megaways casinos to play at. Get your game on from as low as 20p per spin with a whopping 117,649 ways to win in Reel King Slot - let’s go.

Pros and Cons

+ Spin from 20p
+ Max win 12,500x
+ Megaways mechanic with 3 free spins features

- Low limits game
- Traditional slot graphics

Cascading Reels and Extra Symbols

Reel King Megaways UK is a 6 reel slot game. from Inspired Gaming The minimum ways to win are 324, with a max of 117,649. Stakes start from 20p and max out at £20. Every time you win in the base or bonus games, a cascade occurs with winning symbols disappearing and new ones falling, giving you a second shot at winning. Plus, there’s extra symbols in play in this slot that could add symbols to reels two and five.

Lit Reels - ‘DINGS’

Between zero and six reels in the leading game light up with yellow as they land, resulting in a unique Ding sound. Dings begin from the far left and proceed consecutively to the right during cascades. Each following cascade lights up an additional yellow frame on the reels.

If you successfully light all the reels, The Reel King Bonus is triggered, and you also advance to the Super King Bonus if you achieve another cascade. 

Reel King Bonus

One to six Reel King symbols will always appear on the reels during the Reel King Bonus. Play starts on the extreme left trail position. Different prizes are available for diverse winning combinations as each King spins his reels.

Free Spins Trial Bonus

As you light up all the three reels of a specific Reel King, you will automatically advance one position along the trail. However, if a Reel King spins on a losing combination, he’ll disappear if less than three are lit. The Free Spins Trail feature comes to a halt only when no more additional Reel Kings are left. The Reel King Free Spins Bonus is triggered when a free spins trail position is reached.

Reel King Free Spins Bonus

On the right side of the screen, you can easily view the number of free spins you have left and your current multiplier value. Note that each winning Cascade increases the multiplier value during the round. The Reel King Megaways Slot Reels are lit in red from left to right consecutively, with each Cascade beginning from the furthest left reel.

These red-lit reels remain as the free spins continue until the sixth is lit. Here, the King Character comes up on the screen and increases the remaining free spins by one, two, or three. It also has the same effect on the multiplier value, rising by one, two, or three.

Free Spins Gamble

To attain additional free spins, you can always opt to gamble any free spins or winnings from the Reel King Bonus. You’ll learn the specific conditions of the gamble once you enter the game.

  • Select TAKE to collect your current prize
  • Select ‘Spin’ to start the wheel and gamble.

You win the gamble if the arrow lands in a green segment. You, however, lose a gamble if the arrow lands on the red segment. The wheel contains reflective segments that accurately depict the odds of losing or winning.

You have the chance of continually risking the free spins until the tail end of the trail is reached. The feature ends after 25 free spins have been won from the wheel.

Spin Chance

Spin Chance is automatically triggered when your credit goes below the current play price but is higher than zero. It’s a nice little perk that could allow you the last spin if you’re out of cash. Select Play and begin moving the pointer across the metre to activate the Spin Chance feature. 

If the pointer stops on the green segment, a spin at your current bet is immediately awarded and automatically plays. On the other hand, you lose all your credit if the pointers stop on the red segment.

The size of the red and green segments is equally proportional to the credit amount to the current bet. The winning chances of any spin are thus entirely determined by this ratio. To exit the Spin Chance feature with your remaining credit, select the “No Thanks” button. 

Return to Player

Reel King Megaways Slot RTP is 96.23%. In the long run, the return to player percentage is the amount we expect to pay out to players relative to their wagering amount on the game. For example, you should expect a pay of £96.23 if you bet with £100.

Reel King Megaways™ FAQ

What is the Reel King Megaways big win?

The max payout for this game is 12,500x the max bet, which is £20. The game has a slightly over the average RTP of 96.23%.

What are the bonus rounds for this slot?

As well as Megaways, there’s cascading reels and three free spin features. You can also use a gamble feature too. Check out the full review and play the demo game for the full experience of these bonus rounds.

What is a Megaways Slot game?

Megaways is a slot mechanic created by Big Time Game that alters the number of symbols in play with each spin, leading to more or fewer ways to win. This game has 324 -117,649 ways to win.