If your online casino needs to see any documents to verify your date of birth or your payment methods, they will let you know on the account itself or by sending an email to you. Sending in documents to Casinos is simple, as long as you have access to your email address and are the same person as the name that the online casino account is registered with.

Before you start sending in your documents, please make sure your picture shows the whole of the requested document, and that your casino’s staff can read any writing or numbers.

To make this process as simple as possible the casinos online provide a number of ways for you to send your documents in to them:


Sending in documents by Email

The easiest and most popular way of sending your documents to online casinos is sending them by email to Support or Finance team working with the casino site you play slots on. There a several ways of taking a copy of your documents. The worst one is to send them by snail mail. Yes, this is also an option that we will write more about below.

If you were able to open a casino account, you should also be able to scan your documents onto your computer – either at home if you have a scanner or at internet café or any other location where you can get an access to scanner device. You can also take a photo of your documents using a digital camera or mobile phone. This is the best way by far.

Then all you have to do is to open your email and compose a new message with attaching the images to it.

Mobile Picture Message

Sending in documents by Mobile Phone

Many online casinos offer you an option to take a photo using your mobile phone and send them to them by MMS text. Then you have to include your username and User-ID in the message.

Live Chat

Sending in documents by Live Chat

Transfer your documents to the casino you are playing at via a Live Chat conversation. To request a Live Chat with one of the friendly support advisors, simply click the link on site in order to start the Live Chat feature. This is a great tool that helps you to communicate with casino support without any delays. More and more online casinos include the Live Chat service in order to be able to provide perfect customer support.


Sending in documents by Post

You can post a photocopy or printout of your documents to the Verification Team. Many casinos offer this service for free. In this case you should check with your online casino regarding what you should write on your envelope.