Problems with deposit onto your casino account? Now everyone who has ever played online slots knows that the most annoying thing is when there is no money in your account. There is only one thing that is even worse – when you just made a deposit and there is STILL NO MONEY in your casino account. If you have problems with deposit at online casino, you feel angry and frustrated. What should you do in order to solve your deposit problems?

Problems with deposit
Problems with deposit? This can be very frustrating, but most of the times your problems are easy to fix.

First recommendation – the simplest one is following:

If you have tried to make a deposit and the funds are not showing on your balance, please first press F5 to refresh the page. This will allow the display to update and show any deposits that have gone through. Please do not re-attempt a deposit until you have tried this, to avoid making multiple unwanted deposits.

Still having problems with deposit and your balance is zero?

Please see below for advice for each payment method!

Problems with Credit/Debit Card Deposits

Firstly, check the card details that you have entered are correct and up to date.  Has your card recently been updated or replaced?  If so you may have a new security number - three digits on the back on your credit/debit card - CVV - and expiry date.

  • If nothing else but the card expiry date and the CVV digits that changed, update the expiry date on site.
  • If your 16-digit card number has changed, then you will need to register the card as a new Payment Method.  This can also be done from the Deposit section on your online casino site.  A new payment method sometimes cannot be registered if you have a positive balance in your casino account.

Casinos with UK license normally can only accept deposits from cards issued in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.  If you are trying to deposit using a card issued abroad or if you are not in the UK, you will be unable to deposit.

If you try to deposit on casino online, but your deposit attempts continue to get declined and you are 100% sure that your card details are correct, please contact your card issuer or your bank.  They may be declining the deposit for security reasons, or you may have insufficient funds to make the deposit.

Some providers may apply a temporary security block on your card if your recent transaction activity is outside of your usual spending pattern.  Your bank may ask you to confirm the recent purchases made on your card, and will remove the security block once you have done so.

Problems with deposit with Neteller

Firstly, confirm that the Neteller details you have entered when you tried to make a deposit at online casino using this payment method are correct and that you have sufficient funds to make the deposit.

We advise you to contact Neteller for assistance if you are unable to deposit. Please note that Neteller often operate limit controls on its account holders. In the event you experience any problems whilst trying to deposit then we recommend that you contact them to discuss this issue. It may be a case of verifying the Neteller account so that further amounts can be transferred.

Problems with PayPal deposits

Firstly, confirm that the PayPal details you have entered are correct and that you have sufficient funds to make the deposit.

You will be redirected to the PayPal account to enter your password and confirm the transaction.  If this times out, you have a connection problem, or if you are unable to correctly enter your password then the deposit will not go through, but you will be able to try again.

Should you experience any problems with connection or loading of the page when being redirected to Pay Pal page, you should try with clearing the Temporary Files and Cookies within your browser.

We advise you to contact PayPal for assistance if you are still unable to make a deposit.

Please note that PayPal – just as NetEller - often sets limit controls on its customers. If you experience deposit problems with PayPal we recommend you to contact them. Sometimes an extra verification with Paypal is required in order to fix problems with deposit.