Have you seen advertising clips of online casinos on TV or online? There is no way you haven’t, as the casino industry is one of the main buyers of advertising space. If you still haven’t tried casino online, you might wonder what is required for opening casino account. This article lists all the steps of casino registration process. On average it takes around one minute to open a casino account.

  1. Select your Username and Password

Most often you will start opening casino account by selecting username and password.

The first rule is that you need to select a unique username which no other member has.

As the casinos online have a lot of members on their site – sometimes over 100 000 casino players, it can be worth adding numbers or other characters to your name to make it unique when you select your username and password. For example if your name was Slotsman, you could use any of the following:

  • Slotsman123,
  • xxxSlotsmanxxx,
  • Sl0tsman.
  1. Entering your Email Address

If you try to entering your email address or username that is already in use, a message will let you know, before you can continue. Similarly, if an error is made in any of the fields on the registration page, they will be highlighted red.  You must change these so that they are correct before clicking the Join Now button.

If the email address is not being accepted on the form when you are opening casino account, this may be due to it already being registered on online casino systems. Please check if you are already a member before trying to join again. If you are unsure of your username or password, there is always an option to request a new password on site. In some cases you will have to contact online casino support in order to get your username.

  1. Date of Birth, Country and Currency

Date of Birth is something you must select – mostly in order to prove that you are over 18. Minors are not allowed to play slots online and other casino games that online gambling companies are offering their customers.

Country of residence is also required when you are opening casino account in order to check if you are from the country where online gambling is not totally illegal and to ensure that your online casino will not have large problems if you are playing slots with them.

Casinos will also check the IP address when you register and block you from accessing the site and/or opening casino account in case you are from the “wrong” country.

Currency is also frequent field required during your registration at online casino. This is done mostly so that the casino can communicate the currency of your choice going forward. This makes you play slots with your own currency, receiving marketing campaigns with numbers in your own currency etc.

  1. Additional data when Opening Casino Account

Some casinos require more information from you when Opening Casino Account - including (but not limited to) home address, phone number, gender as part of the data when opening casino account. However, not always.

In most of the cases you have the option of editing these details that often are very important and is a legal requirement from the licensing authority later. In order to add missing details to your casino account, you will have to sign in and visit My Profile section.

Normally you will be asked to type your password when editing personal data in your online casino account to confirm the change.

  1. Credit Card data

Unfortunately, many online casinos are annoying with the messages regarding entering your credit card details when opening casino account. Remember that Credit Card data is NOT a must. The casinos want you, of course, to fill in those fields. This is as upon you are done with giving away your card data to casinos, you are only some seconds away from making a deposit.

But even if it seems that entering payment information is a requirement, this is not the case. If it is, your online casino is not being fair to you. Avoid it. There a plenty of other options of playing slots online today.

Verifying your Email Address

Once you are done with all the steps above, there is another important thing you have to do: verifying your email address.

This works simple.

Three steps for verifying your email address when opening casino account are:

  1. Check your inbox (of the email address that you registered your account with);
  2. Find the email from the casino and open it;
  3. Click on the link in this email in order to verify it. In some cases the link does not work. Then you will have to copy it and paste it in URL-field. Verification will be done instantly and you will be able to start playing slots in no time!

Emails from many online casinos are not going through the spam filter. You will receive them to your spam folder, so check this folder, in case there are no new emails coming in 5 minutes after your completed your registration.

If there’s nothing in Spam box, contact support at the online casino you opened an account with. However, if that’s the case, that’s a signal that this online casino is not a serious one. Probably, it is better to open an account somewhere else.

Some casinos give you an option of verifying your online casino account by mobile (phone) instead of verifying your email address. In this case you will receive a registration or verification code directly to your mobile. Then all you have to do is to type the code next time you try to sign in.

We at SirSlot are planning testing all casinos online with YouTube videos in order to make a top list of casinos with fastest registration process. Check our site during summer.