Mobile slots is something that most UK online casinos offer. We prefer to play real money games on the go. The number of gamblers using their mobile device when playing slots has increased for every year since 2010. We access casino sites through smartphones and iPad. Technical development opens up for more opportunities. Soon we will be able to play mobile slots on our smart watch and virtual glasses. AR and VR slots is the next big thing for online gambling industry. Today, the main trend is mobile casino.

Mobile Slots - intro picture

You can play slot machines on mobile, as most of them are available in HTML5. This was not the case some years ago. The iGaming industry was all about flash slot games – a technology that is not supported on Android and iPhone.

As soon as it became clear that the change in our preferences is imminent and mobile gambling will become popular, slots suppliers started adjusting their games. This transition period affected the whole industry. Instead of creating new games and improving slot mathematics and gaming experience, the suppliers had to focus solely on creating mobile slots.

All gambling products had to be changed in order to complete the move to mobile gaming. For slots, however, this change was more crucial than for the others. One of the reasons for that is that slot games are just perfect for playing on tablets and mobile devices.

The session time for slots is relatively short and you don’t have to have a large screen in order to get out the most of your casino experience. Furthermore, the screen used at old-style classic land based fruit machines has a similar size to the iPad. In other words, no other gambling product was such a perfect match for mobile gambling as slots. Today, the mobile revolution has already happened. Now you can play mobile slots anywhere you want, any time of the day. All you need to do is the internet connection, battery and some money in your player account.

Around two-thirds of all slots are available in HTML5 – the only standard that allows you playing mobile casino. In some cases, you have to download a slots app. Most of the times, you get redirected to a mobile casino page. All you have to do is to enter the URL-address of your casino into your mobile browser.

Some suppliers have two different versions of their slots – one in Flash for desktop gaming and the other one in HTML5 for mobile devices, including iPad and other tablets. All new slots, as far as we at SirSlot are aware, are created directly in HTML5. Our opinion is that the best gaming experience you can get is still when playing from your computer. That’s why we are happy that the suppliers decided to keep the old versions of their slot games in Flash.

In order to distinguish between desktop and mobile versions, the casinos often add the word “Touch” or “Mobile” to the title of the slot. All the game features, including jackpots and free spins, are available when playing casino on mobile. Note, that as the different versions of the slot games have different Game IDs, they are considered to be different games in the casino system.

If you receive free spins on a slot, you can normally select, whether you want to use them on mobile or on desktop version. However, as soon as you have received them, they get assigned to the game you have selected. This means that you cannot continue playing your free spins on mobile, if you have launched the game and received your spins from your computer.

iPad slots

If you have an iPad or a Samsung tablet, the chances are high that you prefer playing slots on it. The size of your screen is perfect for slots, much more suitable than if you use your mobile. If you play iPad slots, you still use the same site version as when you access the site with your smartphone. If there is an app for mobile casino, you will have to download it in order to play on iPad.

iPad slots is our favorite way of playing casino, as the feeling you get is very similar to playing real slot machines in casinos. Now you have your very own slot machine in your hands. You can twist it and turn it just as you like. You can play slots from your couch, without losing anything of the excitement and fun. There are many jokes out there on internet about latest mobile phones and the large size of their screen. For mobile slots this “large” screen is still not enough. Those of you, who love getting best of the best, iPad slots is the way to go.

As we already mentioned, slots have been adjusted to mobile. The same goes actually for casino sites, too. They had to change a lot in terms of user experience and their interface. These casinos had limited time in order to keep up with the competitors. Some of them have focused on creating a perfect product for mobile slots, while the others tried to do the best iPad casino. One of the best new casinos that is offering slots for iPad is Betspin.

If you have an Android tablet, you can play mobile slots there, too. However, you are better off with an iPad, as:

  • Casino designers are often Apple fans and create a product that works best on their own Apple screen. Most of the testing takes place on iPad. You can, therefore, expect a flawless gaming experience when playing slots on your iPad;
  • Retina display makes the slots look much cooler. It is, of course, a matter of taste. Many people have pain in the eyes because of the retina. The fact is nevertheless incontestable. Mobile slots look so much better on retina;
  • Mobile slots apps are most often created first for the phone that is more popular among casino players. In the UK and most of the other European countries, Apple wins this fight. This means that your casino will either have a slots app for iPad and iPhone only, or have both, but with Android app being slightly worse.

Mobile Videoslots

Mobile video slots hold top positions, when you are checking the games in the slots lobby.  They are the most popular gambling product in the UK in terms of turnover. The fact that the casino players love videoslots depends on all the features within these games: jackpots, bonus rounds, free spins and wilds.

Classic mobile slots, such as fruit machines, are mostly for those players who are nostalgic and are used to playing land based slot machines. These fruit slots have by far less features. RTP on mobile classic slots is, though, normally higher than on videoslots. The same goes, actually, also for the standard desktop slot machines.

The number of mobile videoslots available is much higher than those of classic slots. So, if you prefer slots with nudge feature, cherries and oranges on the reels, stick to your computer. The reason for success of videoslots in the realm of mobile gambling is simple.

All the old slots had to be “rewritten” into HTML5. The suppliers selected the most popular ones. As videoslots are nothing else than a better modern version of old classic slots, it was logical to focus on them. Furthermore, the segment of mobile slots players is younger, while those who play classic slots are often over 40 years old.

The level of popularity of a mobile videoslot depends, of course, on how popular the desktop version of the game is. We at SirSlot have no information about any slot machine being extremely popular on mobile and less popular on desktop. This means that all the best videoslots, such as Starburst, Gladiator, Avalon, Mega Moolah, Frankie Dettori, Gonzo and Twin Spin are also top slots when it comes to mobile.

Mobile Slots Jackpot

As we spend less time per session, when playing on the go, mobile slots jackpot are extremely important. While we play for fun from home, just in order to kill time, we hunt those life-changing prizes, when playing on mobile or tablet. The decision we make is often impulsive. We want to try our luck and become rich with just one spin.

The psychology behind playing mobile casino it is somewhat similar to buying a lotto ticket. We want to get in, win this mobile slots jackpot and continue with whatever we were doing. Today, we always have the opportunity of winning millions on slots. All we have to do is to take the smartphone out from the pocket, enter the URL of the slots site and start playing.

Not all jackpot slots are available on mobile, but the most important one is. Mega Fortune Touch slot launched three years ago. This means that you can win a world record jackpot on slots while playing on tablet or mobile device. Two of the other most popular jackpots from NetEnt - Arabian Nights Touch and Hall of Gods – are not yet released in the Touch version. SirSlot is waiting for the day, when all the best slots in the world will finally be available on mobile. For now, the absence of some mobile slots jackpots is the main thing that is missing.

No Deposit Mobile Slots

If you still haven’t tried mobile slots, it is time to do it now. Many brands will actually offer you no deposit mobile slots – some free games just for giving their mobile casino a try. We recommend you to go through the list of casino sites, where you already have an account and check their special campaigns. The chances are fairly high that you will get to test mobile slots for free.

Once you are done with that list of yours, continue by checking the list of our casino reviews. Many of the sites we promote on our pages offer no deposit mobile slots on top of their standard welcome bonus offer. Just as it always is, you can claim all casino mobile offers from your iPad/tablet.

If you did not manage to find any no deposit slots offers, don’t worry. You still can test these mobile slot games for free without any deposit requirement. All you have to do is to click on any of the games in your phone and open them in "play for fun" mode.