Licensed operators - online casinos that are offering slots and other real-money games - are required to follow casino KYC regulations. KYC stands for Know Your Customer. They need this in order to be sure that all the slots players are 18 or over, and, also, that all of the payment details they have on file are correct. The information below will help you to verify your online casino account fast.

KYC Know your customer
It is vital for every online casino to know their customers. That's why they do KYC

Online Casino KYC

Casinos online use KYC a vast number of databases in order to confirm the data you have entered during your registration. One of these databases that is being used for online casino KYC for checking data from the UK slots players is the UK Electoral Roll.

What is being checked when casino is asking you for KYC documents is:

  1. your name,
  2. date of birth and
  3. address.

If the online casino is unable to confirm your details automatically they will have to restrict your account until the player details can be confirmed by another method. This means that you will be temporarily unable to withdraw funds. An email to your registered email address should be sent if this happens detailing what your online casino needs you to do.

If your account has been open for 72 hours and has still not been verified, further restrictions may be applied and your account could be temporarily suspended. If this occurs your account will be inaccessible until you have verified your details.

Problems passing KYC

There are a number of reasons why you may have problems passing KYC checks. Players can accidentally enter incorrect details for their date of birth or address. Failed checks can also exist with complicated addresses, such as ones that have a separate flat and a building number. A recent change of address can also affect whether or not you pass the automated checks.

Problems withdrawing funds after KYC

When you deposit on casino website the transaction must be authorised by your bank or the payment provider. Hence you can have problems when withdrawing funds even after your online casino KYC.

Your age and identity were verified by them when you opened your account with them. As such, they would be responsible for any transactions that they authorised if you were underage.

When the online casino sends you the money out in the form of a withdrawal it is them that are responsible. This is an important reason of why casinos need KYC. As such, the online casino management is required to know you have registered the correct information and are legally allowed to play. In the event that they discover an underage player, the account will be immediately closed.All winnings on an underage account will be considered void.

Casinos online use the services of a leading identity data authentication providers and its third party banking and payment partners to verify your personal and payment details that you provide to them during the course of your membership. However, sometimes they still cannot complete these checks through partners. In this case they will require further information or evidence from you and will contact you with more information on what is required in order to complete the KYC process.

Sending KYC documents to online casino

The safety and security of your personal information is very important to every casino online. Sending KYC docs to casinos online is therefore safe. One of the reasons why they may need to prove your identity or ownership of any payment method that are registered as part of their KYC is to ensure that no-one else is fraudulently using your identity or payment details without your knowledge.

When working with KYC, online casinos only ask that you provide digital copies of your documents and not the original. They also ask that when sending your card details, you cover the middle eight digits of the long 16 digit number for your security. You will never need to send them an image of the back of your card, as this contains your security number. The information you provide is not sufficient for anyone to use your financial information fraudulently.

Once received all documents are digitally stored in a restricted, secure and password protected environment and are held and processed in line with the EU Data Protection Directives. Only authorised personnel have access to the KYC information. Once your online casino has confirmed and verified your details you will not be required to provide this information again.

How long does it take to confirm my details?

The casino will verify as much as they can without you sending us any documents. However, if they request any KYC documentation you should expect it to be processed within 48 hours of receipt, although over weekends and Bank Holidays this may take longer. Here comes the list of 2016 and 2017 Bank Holidays in UK for your convenience.

This does depend on receiving the correct documents and those documents being of a clear and legible quality. Please ensure you send exactly what is required and make sure it is clear before you send it to your online casino.