Do you need help with your gambling habits? Setting Casino Deposit Limit - as well as providing a great tool for this - is a very important part of Responsible Gaming – an area within Online Gambling dealing with minimizing risks of gambling addiction.

Set deposit limit in online casino

The casinos always want players to be comfortable with the amount of time and money they decide to spend. The Deposit Limit can help with that.

Set Casino Deposit Limit

In good casinos online you have plenty of options of setting a limit to your online gambling.

You can set following casino deposit limits:

  • Daily,
  • Weekly or
  • Monthly
Casino Deposit Limit

A Casino Deposit Limit is the maximum that you would be able to deposit during the selected time period, so you can still decide to deposit less if you want to. There's no subscription at casinos online so you are never committing to spending a particular amount of money during a certain period of time.

Duration of Casino Deposit Limit

A Casino Deposit Limit in online casino will run continuously unless you choose to change or remove it. A Daily Deposit Limit usually re-sets at Midnight or on the same time as you set it. Contact your casino or check information on site in order to know what applies to your online casino.

The Weekly and Monthly Deposit Limits usually run on a rolling basis starting from the date set. For example, if you set your Weekly Deposit Limit on a Wednesday, it will re-set each Wednesday.

Purpose of Online Casino Deposit Limit

It restricts how much money you can put into your account in a selected period. This means you are always in control of your money. For example if you select £20 a week, once you have deposited £20 you will not be able to deposit until the next week.

When setting an Online Casino Deposit Limit, it will take into consideration any money that's been deposited already that day, if your casino counts calendar days, weeks and months for determining Deposit Limit periods.

For example, if you set a limit of £20 a day at 5pm, but you have already deposited £20 or more that day, you would not be able to deposit again until the limit resets at midnight.

Changing Casino Deposit Limit

You can select a new amount or time period. However, this does not take effect immediately in all situations. Once set, the casino should let you know when the new Limit starts.

Note that if you are intending changing deposit limit at online casino to a larger one, so that you are able to deposit more into your casino account during a certain period of time, it might take a while. It depends on the rules set by authorities and/or your online casino. The whole point of Deposit Limits is to limit your gambling in case you perceive that you are in the risk zone for problem gambling.

If you, on the other hand, try to change it to a smaller amount, this should go fast, as the licensing authority has this as a requirement. Helping you setting Deposit Limits in order to prevent gambling issues is an important part of Responsible Gambling policies that most of the online casinos have in place.

Changing frequency of Casino Deposit Limit

If you decide to deposit the same amount of money less frequently - want to change frequency of your online casino deposit limit - then this change takes effect immediately. If you opt to deposit more frequently this takes effect after the current limit ends.

Frequency is taken into consideration even if the overall monetary amount would decrease. For example, if you change from a £300 Monthly Limit to a £100 Daily Limit this will take effect once the current Monthly Limit has ended. Though the amount of money is less overall, it would allow you to increase the regularity of deposits so this is considered to be an increase.

Increasing Casino Deposit Limit

You can request to increase your Deposit Limit to a higher deposit amount or higher frequency at any time, but the change will only take effect after the current limits time period ends.

When the current limit ends, the Deposit page will prompt you to accept or decline the new one. Below you will find an example on how it can work at your online casino:

  • Daily Limit: If you change from a £35 Daily limit to a £55 Daily limit on Monday at 3pm, then at 3pm on Wednesday you will need to confirm the change on your online casino, and then you can deposit up to £55 in total that day.
  • Weekly Limit: These normally take 7 days to change, from the date of request. For example, if you request to increase your Weekly limit from £15 to £50 on the 2nd of the month, the change will come into effect on the 9th or 10th.
  • Monthly Limits: These run for 30 rolling calendar days from the date that they are set. For example, if you change your limit from £140 to £340 on the 2nd of November, the change will come into effect on the 2nd December.

Decreasing Casino Deposit Limit

If you decide that you would like to deposit less money at the same frequency into your casino account, or you want to deposit less frequently, you will be decreasing deposit limit. This change takes effect straight away and it will also take into consideration your previous deposits made during the period of Casino Deposit Limit.

For example if you have a £25 Daily limit, and deposit £10, then change to a £10 Daily limit, you will no longer be able to make any further deposits to your online casino that day.