A Cool Off in casino is a Responsible Gaming tool that allows you to take a break from playing, as it prevents you from logging in to your account. Responsible Gaming is very important to the casinos online.

Cool off
Sometimes we need to do like penguins do and have a Cool off

The casinos always want you to have a good experience and be in control of the time you spend with them. Even the dodgy casinos normally offer Cool Off period as part of their licensing requirement. Checking Cool Off policy is a good way for you to determine how serious your online casino is.

If you can continue playing slots online even after you have set a Cool Off - either through your own casino account or by opening a new one - this is a sign of your casino not being fair. If your online casino has a UK license, contact the licensing authority immediately. For Maltese licenses, you should file your complaints to Malta Gaming Authority.

Rules for Casino Cool Off

At most of casinos online you can set a Cool Off at any time for a period of 24 hours up to 6 weeks. It can, of course, vary. This is often a completely member-controlled feature, so Customer Support are not able to set or remove one for you. If you think you might have gambling problems, setting this period is the first step you MUST do in order to minimize risks of potential gambling addiction. Playing slots online should be nothing else but fun!

Standard steps when you set a Cool Off:

  • Go to My Account section and click on Responsible Gaming;
  • Click on the Cool Off tab;
  • Select a time period from the drop-down menu;
  • Click Confirm;
  • Click Submit button on the next screen to activate your break from online casino.

Once you've clicked Submit, the Cool Off cannot be overridden or removed until the selected time period has passed, so please be sure to select one that you're happy with.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cool Off Period

Here are the most frequently asked questions regarding taking a break from playing slots online. We will do our best in order to update this FAQ section with more questions as you send them in to us.

  • Q: How do I keep track of when your Cool Off ends?
  • A: If you attempt to log in before the end date, the site will display a message letting you know how long is left.
  • Q: What happens at the end of the period you have set?
  • A: Your account break will end automatically after the last day. After this time you will be able to login and access your account as normal.
  • Q: What should I do if I want a longer break?
  • A: If you'd like to take a break of more than max period set by your online casino or you'd like to close the account entirely you'd need to request this from the Customer Support Team.