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Online casinos allow players to sign up and play for free. The game has a cage of balls that players spin. The following is a vivid description of the game and how players can win real money.

It is easy to find players catching a moment with an online bingo game from Zitro Interactive, particularly, Bingo 300. It's an attractive video game designed with a simple style, and it delivers all the gambling fun of this classic game 

The thrilling part of the game that’ll keep you glued to your seat is the anticipation of the balls falling, hitting their lucky numbers and resulting in a win. Plus, playing online is fun as you can grab attractive perks offered at various gambling platforms. 

Who Is Zitro Interactive?

Zitro Interactive delivers innovative, thrilling, and profitable systems that work perfectly for Video Bingo, Video Slots, and Electronic Bingo. The company was formed in 2007 and has over ten years of experience meeting online gamblers demands.

The leading company has also delivered quality games in land-based casinos. Casino operators benefit from the expert support team. With gambling on the palm of our hands, Bingo 3000 fans don’t need to worry about their safety as they can trust Zitro Interactive.

Bingo 3000 online is an 80 ball game packed with fun and has four cards to each round!

Green for Go

The game appearance is striking, with a backdrop green and a rotating dollar sign at the centre of the screen. Its simple style attracts the eyes of every gambler at a glance. 

The game is played with four cards, and it’s a version of pattern bingo. Each card has 24 numbers and a gold coin in the centre space. There are winning combinations found at the top of the screen. 

One major pro of playing Bingo 3000 is that you can switch to playing for real money or in demo mode. The four bingo cards are set as default. However, you can change things and wager by clicking the arrow icon at the bottom left of the games menu. 

When you hit the gear icon, it opens up the game settings. You can select to play 1-4 cards. Then place your bet between 1-20 credits multiplied by the number of cards in play (a high limit of 80 when playing four cards).

All Change

You can set different speeds releasing the balls in standard, fast or turbo mode and add lucky talismans to your game, including a four-leaf clover, a lucky cat, and a horseshoe (there are 34 options). Each card you buy is given with set numbers, but if you want to mix things up, you can shuffle for new random numbers.

When play starts, 44 coloured balls are extracted, filling the checking area, and cards are automatically crossed off, revealing winning cards. If you have a card dangerously close to winning, you can get up to another 10 balls. However, gamblers have to purchase the balls, and the cost varies from one ball to another. 

Always keep a sharp eye out for Z balls, as these are wild cards, allowing you to select a number to cross off!

Turn on the Turbo

Sometimes playing in a fast lane is appealing as the action is worthwhile and fun. If hitting fast mode in this game isn’t enough for you, we recommend trying out Turbo 90 City Bingo. The game is designed with a cage for balls, giving this number a natural and old-school bingo feel.

The free Turbo 90 City game has four cards with three rows of five columns of numbers. Each card is coloured according to the bet in-play. Plus, there’s a jackpot up for grabs, but players have to activate all four cards and place a bet higher than three on each card to be in with a chance of winning it. 

The game is played with 30 balls and offers the option to buy three extra balls if you come close to making a winning combo. Just hit the turbo button for super-fast speeds if you want to play fast. Just hit the turbo button for super-fast speeds if you want to play fast.

Bingo 3000 Online: The Bottom Line

Bingo 300 offers plenty to play for with a solid paytable and top-notch gameplay. In terms of newer online bingo games, it certainly does the job. However, this is a speed variant, and if you’re looking for a longer game, check out 90 ball options - with more numbers on the card and balls in play, this option offers a more relaxed bingo experience. 

Joining the fun does not require downloads, as you can play directly from online casinos. What’s more, you can play online demos and hone to skills needed in playing for real money - although bingo is a game based purely on luck.

Bingo 3000 online allows you to adapt the number of cards and your bet level, covering both lower budget and high roller players, making it the perfect title for all. It is also possible to switch on and off the sound depending on your preference.

Bingo 3000 is an incredible game that’ll keep you glued to your seat. Get in on the action and take a look at our top-rated online casinos, so you can find a welcome bonus and start playing top casino games.

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