How to Know the Best Time to Play Online Slots?

Online slots are easy to learn and easy to play. We discuss the best time to spin or hit the reels at online slots in the UK.

Gaming has embraced modern technology, and through online gambling, you can now enjoy the convenience of 24/7 instant games. Plus, practice for free via demos and hone the skills required before committing your bankroll. 

While slots are games of chance, some players believe in the mysticism of luck going all out, while others argue there are strategically better or worse times to play. 

Keep reading to discover the last word as we take you through the best times to play slots and discuss if these arguments hold weight!


Online slots are designed to entertain players. During holidays, casinos advertise special bonuses and loyalty offers to lure more players into the site. Many people relax more during holidays and indulge in, for example, Christmas and New Year celebrations (this is one of the biggest seasons for casinos and gambling revenue).

Casino operators have discovered that people will sit down and look for something to entertain them more during the holiday. They bring in special perks that attract gamblers to play more.

Casino operators lure gamblers by introducing special bonuses, prize pools, and fast-increasing jackpots. Those who take advantage of bonuses during holidays often end up boosting their bankrolls, playing for longer and being in with a better shot of winning as a result. Plus, there are some big prize pot tournaments over this season, with some sites offering up to $100K.

Overall, the holiday seasons are a great time to bag better bonuses at online casinos and enjoy more significant rewards and competitions.


Many players in the UK enjoy playing online slots during summer. It is another exciting period for slot players who pay attention to the different online casinos' bonuses. 

Reputable gambling platforms introduce exciting offers such as no deposit bonuses, free spins, cashback deals, and many more. Competition in the gambling industry is very high. Casino operators have to stand out by showcasing reasonable offers.

During summer in the UK, the gambling population grows significantly, and the competition over players heats up between operators. Software providers also compete to release new slots that meet the demands of players. Gamblers are invited to take their shots on new games by spending some money and taking advantage of deals like new slot free spins and more.

End of the Month

The end of the month is another perfect time to enjoy various online slots. Slots are based on the Random Number Generator, and their results are achieved in a random process. 

Some online slots players in the UK believe that jackpots accumulate most at the end of the month, assuming that they have not been won throughout. While there’s little logic to this reasoning, theoretically, if more players are hitting jackpots at the end of the month, following this line of thought, the progressive jackpots will undoubtedly see a bump!

Morning or Night

Online slots are labelled as games of chance, and they rely on luck to win. However, some players believe that online casinos change their payout rate of fun in the morning and evening. 

Some gamblers prefer playing early in the morning as the casino is almost empty, and games pay more to attract gamblers. But there is no appropriate answer to which time of the day is perfect for playing slots. 

When to Play Jackpot Slots

1. Place Bet When the Jackpot Is Sufficiently High

Many think that the jackpot amount is an essential factor determining when to play online jackpot slots and that you should set the ball rolling when the jackpot sum increases. 

It is necessary to note that despite the jackpot rising to a significant amount, the game does not guarantee to pay the award soon. Slots pay depending on luck, and players cannot alter the result. However, if you start playing when a progressive jackpot is just getting going, there won't be much more than the seed fund available.

2. Spin the Reels When the Jackpot Hasn’t Been Paid for a Long Time

Some players believe that if a jackpot hasn't been paid out recently, then it’s going to hit soon, and they should play. Jackpots have average payout times that you can track online; for example, Mega Moolah has an average payout frequency of every 45 days, but there’s no set logic or timing to a progressive. It is based on luck.  

Play Once You Set Your Budget

Playing online slots can be addictive. Online casino games are designed to be played anytime, anywhere. However, players should start playing once they set a gambling budget. 

A budget is proof of financial discipline, and players should always stick to their budget to avoid economic frustrations. The feeling of winning in a slot is a thriller, but gamblers should always be careful as the house always wins. 

A budget helps gamblers keep track of their results and help them to avoid playing with emotions. It is essential to be contented and call it a day if you lose.

Make Smart Decisions

The best time to play online slots is after making the right decisions. Smart decisions begin with playing demos to practice and learn more about the game. 

Good decisions involve deciding how much one is willing to spend on gambling and keeping to that budget. The best time to play online slots depends on how well a player makes a decision. Gamblers have to decide when to quit and when to continue. Avoid chasing losses as the house will always have an edge, and luck can strike at any time.

Gambling is an incredible form of entertainment, not a source of money. You should sign up with reputable online slots to have fun. You can choose to play slots anytime, anywhere. However, drafting a budget is essential.

Sometimes a few get lucky after spinning the reels, but that does mean that you should invest your bankroll in gambling. Many beliefs are associated with gambling, but it is not wise to try everything you hear and, most importantly, remember that slots are luck based and a source of entertainment.

Find out more about healthy gambling behaviours and tools that you can use to set your budget with the Sir Slot responsible gambling guide - it's essential reading.