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Free spins is a new favorite among casino players online all over the globe. If you have played slots in 2017, you know exactly what this term means. Today, free spins on slots is the best acquisition tool for gambling sites. Even those casinos that are considered to be conservative start considering including this type of campaigns into their welcome bonus package. Playing slots with no deposit is a great way of testing a casino. The same goes also for trying out a brand new slot game.

Hence, with every launch of a new casino in 2017 you receive an opportunity of playing no deposit free spins or extra spins on top of your first deposit bonus online. Often you will also get some extra spins on top of the standard welcome offer, if you try the mobile casino product. Just as attracting new players through affiliate partners is a must-have for the success of the new casino, so are the free spins.

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A few years ago the situation was totally different. No one even knew anything about free spins. The term itself got coined by NetEnt approximately five years ago. This was quickly picked up by a number of affiliate sites and casino operators in Northern Europe. Now, as Scandinavian casino suppliers are getting more popular in the UK, thanks to such great slot games as Twin Spin and Jack and the Beantalk, we start using the term more frequently.

The focus of casinos has shifted entirely from bonus to free money to play with. Online casinos are competing with each other mainly in terms of the best free spins offers on slots.  However, this  is a kind of bonus by definition, even though a hidden one.

In this section, we explain the concept of free spins in detail. Furthermore, we are discussing whether these spins really are free. As we at SirSlot always do, we give you tips on the best casino offers – slots with frespins. We help you with all the information you need along the way, including on what you should do, in case you win real money when you play casino for free.

Casino Free Spins Guide

Now it’s turn to go through the feature itself. This type of slots bonus often contains spins on NetEnt games and is quite easy to understand. Nevertheless, we decided to introduce this feature by providing you with a quick free spins guide.

You might already know this type of bonus as free games or free rounds. Different slot suppliers and/or casinos call this feature differently. We believe, though, that quite soon the industry will decide on which term too use primarily and this term will be free spins.

The definition, according to our guide is as follows:

  • Casino bonus, connected to a specific slot or set of slots;
  • Presented as a package,
  • That is split into a certain number of spins,
  • Whose value depends on the minimum bet on slot or slots, when you bet on all pay lines.

Note that in case your free spins are being offered on a set of slots, you will have to select the slot you want to use for playing without deposit required by loading the game. As soon as the game has finished loading, you will get your free roundsassigned and can use them only on the game you opened and on the type of device that you have opened this casino game with.

Free spins can be categorized into three main groups:

  • No Deposit;
  • Spins on First and, in some cases, next few deposits;
  • Rewards – the ones you have to earn by playing certain number of spins or engage into other loyalty-related activities on the casino site.

In addition to that categorization, based on how you receive your spins, they can also be split into two types, based on the way the winnings from free rounds are credited:

  • with winnings with no wagering requirement, where the amount you manage to win on slots gets added into your casino account as real money that you can withdraw;
  • with winnings credited as bonus money. Most of the times, standard bonus wagering rules apply. Some online casinos, however, have special requirements for the free spins winnings only.

So, now that you know everything about different types of free spins on slots, here comes a quick test question: Which category is the most popular one? The answer is… the ones with no deposit and no wagering requirement. You guessed it right, didn’t you?

Let’s start digging into online casino free spins by taking a closer look at no deposit ones. If you have any questions about how to play casino games for free and the phenomenon that this article covers, do not hesitate to contact us. Send in your questions straight to our inbox. We are here for you to help understanding everything about slots online.  We hope that this article will help you to get the most out of your free spins casino offers. Good luck!

No Deposit Free Spins

Most of casino players are looking for no deposit free spins online. This is nothing to be ashamed of. Why not play slots for free, if you have the opportunity. It is smart to deposit real money at online casinos you really like and, in addition to this, play some free rounds without making a deposit on slots you like at new casinos online. As you know, the level of competition on the casino market in the UK today is sky-high. Casinos spend millions of pounds on acquiring players. A substantial part of the budget is getting spent on welcome no deposit free spins.

There are three different ways to play slots for free without any mess with bank cards, Paypal or other e-wallets.

Sign Up Spins

Sometimes these sign up spins you get on registration are also being called welcome free spins. As soon as you see a new casino, visit their site and check, if they offer some extra spins in their welcome offer package. Every generous online casino will include some free rounds with no deposit when you sign up.

If you want to evaluate a casino in terms of how fair they are with their marketing activities, you can use their free spins offer. If they offer Starburst free spins, they do it most likely because these Starburst rounds have the lowest cost for the casino. Only a handful other slots have the same minimum value of a spin played on all pay lines – £0,10. Some of these “cheap” slots are Neon Staxx, Aloha and Pyramid.

There is nothing bad with Starburst no deposit rounds at all. This gives, however, a clear signal that the online casino is trying to save some money on their welcome bonus package. Offering Starburst Free Spins allows the brand to communicate a larger number of free spins as a sign up bonus. Another way to test how fair the casino is, is to check whether the winnings from playing with no deposit required come with the wagering requirement. This is something that every casino can configure. We will discuss this subject in detail later in this article.

In order to receive your no deposit free spins when you register a casino account, you usually have to complete following steps:

  1. Register by filling in all the fields required. Note, that one account is allowed per player. In case you choose to open more accounts – for your uncle, grandpa, the cat and the dog, you might get problems. Unfortunately, many casino players do this in order to get more no deposit credits (rounds) upon registration. This is a bad idea, as chances are quite high that all of your accounts will be blocked. You will have to send in your documents for verification in order to re-open one of them. This is totally unnecessary, as all your winnings from free spins will for sure be removed from your player account;
  2. The next step after registration is verifying your casino account. You do this by clicking on the link in the verification email. This email gets sent to you automatically from your online casino. If you cannot find the email, check spam. If there is still nothing, please, contact the support team of your casino immediately. They will help you to get some free spins added to your account;
  3. Log in to the casino for the first time. This step is not always required, as at many casinos online you get logged in automatically upon clicking on the verification link (Step 2);
  4. Now it is time for action! Open the slot game with no deposit offer. Are your signup spins valid on several slot machines? As we already mentioned before, your free spins will be “locked” to the slot machine you open up first. As soon as you have received your signup spins, you get a certain number of days to play with them. Most likely, you will finish them off within a couple of minutes, though.

New Slots Spins

Most of what we have written above about free spins in general applies also for spins on new slots. It is by far the most popular method to get to play casino for free without funding your account, if you already have claimed your welcome offer.

As soon as NetEnt or another slot supplier releases a game, many of you who play casino for real money will receive offers from your casinos with free spins on new slot machines. Some of you will get no deposit free frespins, while the others will have to deposit in order to test the new slot for free. It all depends on how active you are. The casinos are segmenting their players, based on activity and level of loyalty.

Please, be aware that most of the times, you have only some hours on you in order to claim your free spins on new slots. Good news is that if you received some no deposit free games, you don’t have to do much for claiming them. Most of the times, it is enough with a login and loading the game.

Free Spins on Deposit

If receiving some extra no deposit spins to play with is not enough for you and you want to get a lot of free spins, then you will have to deposit some money into your account. Just one deposit is often enough to get included into a segment of players who receive no deposit free spins time and time again. Remember, that all the best online casinos are nowadays really generous with free rounds offers

The fight for slots players is intensifying with every week. Some casinos go as far as offering free spins on deposit for five first deposits you make! More and more gambling sites choose to offer welcome bonus package that covers a bunch of first deposits rather than just one.

If you select to play at one of those casinos that offer free spins on deposits, you will either receive your spins straight after the deposit is made, or at a certain time/date. It all depends on whether the casino has an automated system for handing out the free rounds in place. If they don’t, your free rounds get credited manually. In order to save the staff time, this gets done once a day. When exactly this happens, depends on the casino. Most often you will get your free spins on deposit around lunch time.

Some new online casinos have a really cool strategy when it comes to rewarding their new players with free spins. The focus is on getting you to stay with them for a long period of time. They give you a great incentive to keep logging into their casino page every day with help of no deposit offer. You get a certain number of free rounds every day for a week, 10 days, a month or a year. It is up to your casino to decide for how long they would like you to login  and how many free spins to credit per session.

! The rules for such a free spin campaign is simple:

  • Open an account;
  • Make a deposit;
  • Log in every day to get your spins.

Note, that if you do not login, you will not receive the free spins of the day. This means that if you are eligible for receiving five free spins per day for one month and login just three days during this first month, you get a total of only 15 spins.

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