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Double Play Super Bet Slot

Welcome to Double Play Super Bet. This is a brand new online slot from NextGen Gaming. The unique thing about this slot machine is that it provides the players with a vast number of gambling choices! Unfortunately, it is a bit tricky and it takes time to understand all the features in Double Play Super Bet Slot. Let’s try to make things clear for you. That’s why SirSlot exists.

Double Play Super Bet Slot

Start by loading the game. Once you are in you see that you get two extra options for each spin:

  • Superbet option and
  • Double Play option.

If you choose the first one – the Superbet option, you pay an additional amount of money for receiving extra wild symbols. These symbols increase your winning chances on Double Play Super Bet, but are a bit pricy.

Would you rather prefer to increase the value of your Double Play Super Bet wild symbols, click the Double Play option button and select the multiplier feature of between 3 and up to 9 times.

If you are a real high roller, you should be aware of the fact that this online video slot provides you with the opportunity of combining these two additional slot features, which basically means that you can bet up to 60 on Double Play Super Bet. If you can afford it, why not give it a try?

Double Play Super Bet reminds a lot of the old classic fruit slot machines. Many of us are used to land based slots and one-armed bandits we used to play back in the days. This slot machine is a pure nostalgia trip. The symbols in this slot game include stars, sevens, diamonds and spades. That’s a real gem for us who like old-style bandit slots.

As the Double Play Super Bet slot game is packed with advanced winning opportunities and extra features, it takes a lot of time to learn this slot. If you are an experienced casino and slots player, the chances are high that you will learn all the rules in no time and will love this slot game. If you are a beginner, you must read all the rules really carefully before you decide making a deposit in order to make that spin.

RTP of Double Play Super Bet is approximately 95, depending on the extra features. You always bet on 50 fixed lines. If you win, you get a chance to gamble with your winnings by entering a double or nothing game round and choosing the suite or color. You can choose to multiply your winnings up to five times in a row.

Double Play Super Bet Free Spins

Just as it is with many other slot machine games, the very best thing about NextGen’s star game Double Play Super Bet are the free spins. Three or more game logos will trigger 15 free spins.

Once you have entered your Double Play Super Bet free spins rounds, all your win lines payout double the amount you normally get, based on paytable. If you have selected to play with the maximal Double Play multiplier of 9, your free spins multiplier is 18 times the standard payout!

Another great news is that it is possible to win more free spins during free spins. In this slot you always win 15 spins at a time. There are no limits. You can continue winning Double Play Super Bet free spins til the end of the world or til your computer breaks! Or your mobile, if you prefer playing slots on mobile. Double Play Super Bet slot is available in mobile casinos as well.

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