This Website employs cookies and other tracking technologies, including pixels tags used to set and interact with the cookies. This privacy policy refers to website cookies as "cookies" and other relevant tracking technologies that collect personal information anytime you log in to our Website.

Our Use of Cookies

Anytime you log in or connect to our Website (, we use cookies. The Website uses first-party and third-party cookies to distinguish you from other users. An example of a first-party cookie is set once when you connect to a domain or Website. On the other hand, a third-party cookie may be a cookie set by a domain or website other than the one the user visits. The cookies are essential as they allow us to offer you the best possible browsing experience when on the Website and help us further improve our services. 

For instance, certain cookie types can be advantageous to you by efficiently navigating between our different Website pages. It also helps store your past actions on our Website and remember your preferences, improving your interaction with our Website making it easier and quicker. 

What Type of Cookies Do We Use?

  1. Essential Cookies: These are mandatory cookies required for our Website's daily operations.
  2. Functionality Cookies: These cookies are essential in enabling our Website features. They help quickly recognise you and your choices on our Website in the past.
  3. Analytical Cookies: As the name states, these cookies are used for analysis purposes. They allow us to recognise visitors on the Website and count them to establish how many visitors are on our Website and how they are using it.
  4. Marketing Cookies: These cookies record all your visits to our Website. They also record your visited pages, including pages of other websites in the case of internet-based advertising and the links you have followed from our websites.

Use of Local Storage

We use Functionality Properties tasked with enabling the numerous features on our Website. The properties recognise you anytime you return to our Website and remember your past choices, including notifications and selecting favourite pages. This is important in personalising our content for you while also recognising your preferences on content like notifications and sound. You may, however, continue to use our Website even without applying these properties. Still, you may not necessarily get the ultimate best out of our services, and your experience won’t be as streamlined.

It is your choice to decline or accept cookies. Most updated browsers will have a cookie setting option to view all cookies on your device and manage your preferences. Cookie settings can usually be found on the "preference" or "option" menu on your browser. If you have trouble finding this information, use your browser's "help" functionality. 

Here are some quick links that may help determine how to manage cookies preferences:

Updated browsers will have an option of deleting data in local storage, which is also referred to as "other data," "browsing data," or "website data" by use of privacy settings in the browser. Modern browsers can block, accept, or prompt local data storage.

If you decide you are not interested in receiving any interest-based advertising or do not wish our ad partners to access user data from targeting cookies, you can follow the following instructions at:

  • or to manage user preferences on your browser. 

If you use your mobile phone to access our site, app tracking technologies from third parties like Google Analytics, Income Access, Appsee, and Facebook are used to record unique personal identifiers linked to your device to track your activity. However, this is only after giving consent when using your mobile app to access and use our Website. The info is used for analytical purposes and our service improvement and apps supported by advertising to measure our effectiveness in advertising campaigns. Managing your ads preference when using the mobile app is done on the device's privacy setting (Opt-out of seeing personalised Ad on Google/ Android device or Apple iOS Limit Ad Tracking)


All cookies, except for essential cookies, will have an average maximum life span of 2 years or after the lapse of the stated period of the relevant web pages in the case of interest-based advertising.

Changes to This Cookie Policy

The cookie policy is subject to regular updates or general changes. However, a publication on this website page will follow any amendments. The effectiveness of any amendment in the cookie policy is subject to publication. It is then essential to frequent and reread the cookie policy to be up to date with the current terms of the cookie policy.

Age Verification

You are at liberty to decide to age verify if you want to access demo game content. By so doing, you fully agree to the following actions;

  1. Experian will conduct a search for the purposes of identity verification.
  2. Experian is authorised to check the supplied details against any particulars on public or any other database that Experian has access to for identity verification.
  3. Experian keeps a record of the Search. 
  4. Sir Slot will never keep any record of the Experian search and will never pass these details to a third party.