1. Ranking TopOfSlots
Top of Slots is the ranking of the slots games online with best exposure across top 20 sites targeting unregulated Nordic market (Sweden, Norway and Finland).
2. Selection of sites
20 best sites are selected based on the experience of team. Every site included on the list must accept players from Sweden, Norway and Finland and be available in these languages.
3. 20 Sites selected for 2016

First tier                               (Ranking Multiplier 5x)

Second tier                        (Ranking Multiplier 4x)

Third tier                             (Ranking Multiplier 3x)

Fourth tier                         (Ranking Multiplier 2x)

Fifth tier                              (Ranking Multiplier 1x)

4. Points Awarded

12 Top slots from each of the 20 operators receive ranking points multiplied by Ranking Multiplier.

1st Place:                                                                  40 points

2nd Place:                                                                 30 points

3rd Place:                                                                  25 points

4th Place:                                                                  20 points

5th Place:                                                                  15 points

6th Place:                                                                  12 points

7th Place:                                                                  10 points

8th Place:                                                                  9 points

9th Place:                                                                  8 points

10th Place:                                                               7 points

11th Place:                                                               6 points

12th Place:                                                               5 points

5. Games are included
Only the slots games (not table games, keno, etc.) are included into ranking.
6. Only visible games

  • Only the slots in the main lobby/start page/casino lobby/slots lobby can receive ranking points. TopOfSlots reviewers make independent selection of the page best suitable for our ranking purposes.
  • If less than 12 games are visible on site and an extra click is needed in order to see more games, the ranking points are awarded only for the games that are visible straight away (without an extra click).

7. Subjectivity
TopOfSlots reserves the right to adjust the position of slots in the ranking for a specific site in a subjective manner, if the banners and other campaigns on site affect the perceived level of slots promotion.
8. Site-exclusive slots
Slots available exclusively at one site or interdependent group of sites are not included into the top list.
9. Ranking updates
The top list gets updated every week on Thursdays.
10. Supplier Top Rankings
Supplier Top contains sum of suppliers’ points for all the slots in Top 25.
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